Donnerstag, 30. August 2007

Mark Hearld

One artist's work I Iike very much is Mark Hearld (my boyfriend). He is very versatile and works in many mediums, such as ceramic decoration, collage, lithography, silk screens, lino cuts, goache painting, box works and 3D. More recently he has been exploring oil painting.

He studied Illustration at Glasgow School of Art and then went on to study Natural History Illustration at the Royal College of Art, London. He is passioante about nature and all of his image contain an animal or plant form of some sort. I am always amazed that he doesn't tire of drawing animals but he would draw a pigeon in the same enthused way as the time before!

I really like Mark's energy and personality that comes across in his images. I like the way he designs his images but at the same time they remain passionate and expressive. I also like the fact he is willing to try new ideas and mediums. For example I really liked his 3D work such as his box works and animal cut out sculptures. The box works had a strong narrative to them which I enjoy.

I which we could of kept this cat!

He has currently done a textile design for St Judes, 'Dove Flight' which is beautiful. St Judes also have a gallery with Mark's work in it. Visit

Look at these inpsiring prints!

He has an exhibition with the talented Emily Sutton coming up very shortly at Godfrey and Watt, Harrogate on 20th Oct- 17th Nov.