Montag, 16. April 2007

Research Project

I saw an amazing 'live animation' called "Horse Head"by the company Faulty Optic last year at Unity Theatre in Liverpool. The story is very surreal, it was about a circus acrobat who broke her leg in an acrobatic performance and then felt depressed about her lost life. Eventually she becomes the second half of a play horse.

The puppets, effects, the way they moved and the different ways of using scenery was really interesting. They had an actor on stage in character making all the sound effects with very low tech equipment.

I intend to contact them and see if I could look at how they made this and what they are doing currently. Furthermore, to see if I could make something for one of their productions...At least learn how. They do not have a website so I will have to go through untiy theatre.

(now contacted and found website...waiting for a reply from them)

For a time I have been making a set of circus characters so I would like to build upon this.

I would like to base this project on puppets used for theatre. I would like to look at the production of the puppets, how they are used throughout the production. I would like to look at back in time at the first production of puppets in theatre through to today.

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