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GARP Punch and Judy costumes section

2. Costumes and Appearance

A timeline will be a clear and practical way of presenting the information in this section. This timeline would show the connections between events of a particular time and how they may have influenced the designs of the Punch and Judy characters. This would put it into context nicely and a nice way to see the natural progression of the designs.
I will look at the distinctive features such as Punch’s nose, the brightly coloured costumes and wide smiling faces to try to discover what or whom they represent.

This section is intended to be mainly visual
So for this section, at the moment, there is not much to show but a collection of images I have been gathering that are relevant to the above. Please refer to images at the back image section.

In this section there will be

Formation of Punch’s nose
Look-a-likes, people from each selected time that look like the character
Modern day equivalents
People that look like the characters of ‘Punch and Judy’
Architecture that have been an influence

I hope to make a large fold out image to show

For now I will do a brief synopsis of the areas I have been investigating,


The figure of Punch derives from the stock character of Pulcinella.
He has a distinctive hooked nose, pointed chin, red cheeks and wears an English Jester like outfit of red and yellow. He always carries a stick.
Some believe that his nose is a phallic symbol.

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